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  • How to Get Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi When Traveling (2021 )

    How to Get Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi When Traveling (2021 )

    Looking for reliable, fast wi-fi when traveling? If you’re having trouble getting affordable, reliable internet on the road, we feel your pain. In almost 20 years of traveling together, we’ve suffered through weak wi-fi signals at hotels, cafes, and in more restaurants than we can count. Sure, sometimes we luck out and get reliable internet, […] More

  • Is It Worth the Price?

    Is It Worth the Price?

    Odor-resistant, quick-drying, and oh-so-cozy, Unbound Merino is a solid addition to your travel wardrobe. In our almost 20 years of travel together, we’ve tested all sorts of travel gear, from travel jackets, to the best travel backpacks, to packing cubes, and even the Scrubba portable wash bag. One thing we’ve never tested, however, is merino […] More

  • 5+ Best Jackets for Travel Tested on the Road

    7+ Best Jackets for Travel for Any Weather

    We love our versatile clothes. Not only does it help us pack light, but since we like a mix of urban and outdoor adventures, it preps us for any activity. Since we’ve lived in all types of climates over the years, we’ve had the chance to test out different jackets, and here are our favorites. […] More